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Moving to a new home!

Okay actually I am moving to 🙂 you can find all my new blogs here!



December 29 2011


Happy New Year!


So it has begun! The new year! I am starting -1lb already! Woot woot! So now on with the rest. No weigh-ins till Feb. Unless I look like I should check 🙂 May your new years day start out wonderful!


Bringing in the new year was AMAZING! 2 hr workout-weights then cardio and protein shake! Then a haircut and spending the rest of my night with the love of my life!

Phase 1: Kicking it into High Gear-The Kickoff

Good morning!

I hope all is well with my audience today, FRIDAY! yay!

I have to let you all know, yesterday, while on a quick lunch trip to get a jamba juice, I saw a flyer in their window for an all-women’s event. A half & quarter marathon! So, I got a bit excited and did the research and it is being held at the Hilsboro Stadium right next to my present job location.

I was thinking about signing up, but there is a $69.00 enrollment fee and I would have to enroll now as it is limited to 3500 women.  I have decided to for go this marathon run, but it has not stopped me from using it as a goal to acheive. As I was reading about this marathon, I found there are tons of other marathons! This Hippie Chick marathon is going to be held in honor of mothers day on May 12th 2012, so I was thinking on this day, I am going to do a marathon of my own! I haven’t figured out all the details, but I can tell you it will be just as long as this one! ♥

So now onto phase 1 of My Challenge.

Tomorrow. Saturday, December 31 I will be at my local 24 hour fitness working out for a couple of hours, and then coming home napping and workingout to some amazing videos and xbox kinnect games-Zumba to be more specific, but there are others as well.

I am using tmrw as a jumpstart to the new year and to Phase 1 which starts Sunday, Jan 1! I am vry excited for Phase 1 as it begins the first 3 months of the 75lb goal! I am hoping to exceed it by a few pounds.  But I will take the 75 🙂

Some of you may wonder why I have chosen the 75lb goal in 3 months. Well, if you have ever seen Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, you will know that it can be done (100lb goals usually) while still living your normal life. All you do is incorporate a lot of exercise, nutrious food and tell your mind you can. A lot of  it comes from mind over matter. Your body is capable of so much!

So the second thing with Phase 1. I will not be weighing myself every day and obsessing over the scale. Iam going to try to weigh myself once a month. That will be a total of 3 weigh-ins.  I may slip and weigh myself 2 times a month, but we’ll see. I just don’t want to get too wrapped up into it and fall back. This is a huge mile stone for me to not weigh myself daily.

So are you with me? Are you ready? What is your challenge? How are you planning on accomplishing it? What’s your story?

Make 2012 more than just another year. And don’t give up!




Weclome to “The Challenge”No More Excuses

Hello blogville!

I am very excited to start blogging on a daily or rather regular basis. I can’t guarantee it will be everyday, but Iprobably will, and sometimes maybe even twice. Especially if  something amazing happens. Now on with the show.

My name is Elle, I recently moved to Oregon from Seattle over the summer with my husband (we have just celebrated our 1 year anniversary-11/7) and I have recently  aged one year older(12/23)-wow that sentence makes me feel like a fine wine or some sort of  cheese. I am 29 years old actually and decided to start my first “real” blog.

My motivation to start this blog isto inspire women and men. I am open to talking about anything, but, for starters, it’s all about The Challenge.

Here’s the thing. In late 2008 I decided I wanted to lose my weight. I am not going to bore you with the same old story of how my whole life was blah blah blah, I just want to get to the point. Anyway, I started out slow making small changes and then-I made huge changes and worked out and started losing weight suprisingly fast. But then in the middle of 2009-it came to a crashing hault.

I had a foot injury and was in a horrible boot for about 6 weeks. This injury obviously stopped me from my normal gym routine, however my healthy eating habits stopped as well-there was a lot going on. Sadly, I did use excuses and those excuses had others. after everything I had accomplished, I gained all of the 120lbs I had lost, back.

So here I stand now, ready to make my life commitment to healthly living. It is not about being on a crash diet, but a serious lifestyle change. Let’s start with the basics.

Did you know the word diet is not a negative wor? Let’s ponder the very first definition of diet. It states in Websters Dictionary  that a diet is; The food and beverage a person or animal consumes.

Now, you have heard the phrase, “a well-balanced diet” before right? That is all a diet is!

So, the next question is, are you eating a well balanced diet, or are you eating a non balanced diet?

I am not a fitness guru, nor do I have a degree in nutrition, but I know healthy from unhealthy and thats the place to start.

So that is the beginnin of my challenge to you. Start simple start small making a change one day at a time.

Todays challenge: Make a plan.

Being healthy is all about planning. You have to plan to make the right choices to succeed in losing weight or just eating better. Whatever your goals are, start small so you don’t get overwhelmed. Or, if you are like me, I already know you will have a plan in your head, and start today. I have already made the healthy choices and had a slight pitfall with my bdayand christmas, ya another excuse. But I was off track for 3 days.

Starting today, there are no more excuses. Which brings us to yes, the new season of Biggest Loser starting January with the theme: No More Excuses-which I am hoping knocks some sense into some about temptations lol. My husband and I have just recently started watching this show -we started with season 11 and just finished season 12. I am amp’d up for season 13. Why you ask?

Because my goal is lose a lot of weight by the season finale of season 13. Starting now! In the following 6 months January to March I plan on shedding 150lbs.

Pick up your jaw….

Now, I know some of you may be concerned. But remember I lost 120lbs in less time. And this gives me 75lbs to lose every three months. Have you ever seen Extreme Makeover-Weightloss Edition with Chris Powell? Well most of them are living their day to day lives working, taking care of their families and dropping 100lbs in 3 months!

So, I am up for the challenge.  I will be working out on my lunches, breaks and after work. I am very lucky because I have a great M-F schedule where I am off work early enough (3pm) to head to the gym and be home in time to cook for my husband and myself.

This is going to be a long journey for me in the period of 6 months. I challenge you all to have a 6 month goal, maybe even a 1 month goal to start out with.  I have a lot of weight to lose and that is why I am confident so much can be done in such a short time. So, here goes it.

Much Love, Peace & Dedication,